About Me

Who is hotkokocustoms?

Art was something that I was always into as a young kid. More recently in my life Ive invested more time and energy into sneakers and the sneaker game.

On how I got my name (hotkoko) is when me and friend of mine combined our last names as a joke and that name stuck to me throughout the years in either normal life and in basketball. The custom part of my name being where I paint/create art that are custom-made.

After starting my second year of high school I was wanting to look for a job to start earning some money. This was the time when I just started to get into the sneaker game. After seeing a friend of mine paint some of his own shoes for himself to have his own unique shoes, that gave me an idea. What if I combine my new love of sneakers and my love for art together. From that day on Ive been painting shoes.

After starting my journey in 2018, not only have I been able to turn a side hustle and passion into a job but my artistic abilities as well getting better by each year. I can't wait to see what the future brings to me. So I just have one more question for you. Want some heat on your feet?